Social Services (Psychosocial Oncology)

Professional counseling and support for patients and families coping with cancer.

Cancer research informs us that everyone with cancer has some level of distress at some point in time; it is normal to feel sad, fearful and helpless when facing cancer. This level of distress can be minor or become serious to the point you are so distressed you have difficulty coping in some or all areas of your life. Studies show managing stress positively affects your treatment outcome. Grand Valley Oncology offers social work services to our patients and their families throughout the course of treatment and beyond with survivorship support groups and resources.

  1. We assist our patients and their loved ones deal with a cancer diagnosis.
  2. We support our patients and their loved ones in making informed choices about their care. Including advocacy throughout treatment.
  3. We teach stress reduction skills and other mind-body techniques to aid in the healing process, such as the use of guided imagery, visualization, cognitive reframing and breathing techniques.
  4. We help you access community and national resources.
  5. We help you navigate the healthcare system, including help with insurance.
  6. We act as a bridge between patients and medical teams to ensure patients' needs are met.
  7. We support patients with practical concerns such as transportation, housing, and work related issues.
  8. We can help you understand and complete Advanced Directives.
  9. We can help you with self-image and sexual health issues related to you cancer treatment.

Our psychosocial support team includes a Masters level clinical social worker and a Bachelors level social worker. They specialize in helping people whose lives have been impacted by cancer. This is a free service for our patients, family members and caregivers. (Individual, couples, family and group therapy offered by LCSW).

Meet our Team

Margot Robb, BSSW, MSSW, LCSW, LAC

Social Worker

Hannah Thieszen, BSW

Social Worker

Psychiatric services

Professional counseling is available to patients who have concerns beyond the physical aspects of treatment. This is often done as a referral.

Website Refrence Visit Mind Springs Health

Nutritional Services

Good nutrition is an important factor during cancer treatment and in the prevention of recurrence. Patients may receive a physician referral for nutrition consultation to help maintain or improve their nutritional status before, during, and after their cancer treatments. Community Hospital’s dietitians assist with developing nutritional plans for a variety of needs including enteral and parenteral nutrition. The dietitian also helps patients make decisions about the use of complementary therapies such as glutamine and omega-3 fatty acid supplementation during treatment.

Community Hospital's dietitians are frequent participants and presenters of nutritional information at support groups for oncology patients and their families.

Spiritual Care Service

Spirituality is our connection with what exists beyond our physical experience. It can provide a way to find hope and strength during difficult times. It can serve as a source of comfort as you and your family are impacted by a diagnosis of cancer.

Grand Valley Oncology's chaplains recognize the importance of faith when facing a health crisis such as a diagnosis of cancer. They are available to listen and offer spiritual support to you or your loved ones regardless of your spiritual or religious beliefs.

Cancer Support groups

Women with Cancer Support Group- meets 3rd Thursday monthly.