Integrative Therapy Options

Professionally formulated therapeutic essential oil blends.

Available in ready to use prepared patch. Apply patch to your clothing on upper chest area.

  • Calming Patch: Use when feeling stressed, fearful, nervousness, depression, pain, trouble sleeping. Helps to balance and calm the nervous system.
  • Attention Patch: Use if feeling scattered, ungrounded or having difficulty focusing. Helps to center, ground and refocus your attention.
  • Q-East Patch: Use for digestive upset, nausea, feeling unsettled. Helps relieve nausea, promotes relaxation. No charge for a patch application during your infusion or office visit to GVO.
    Ask your nurse for assistance.
    Available for purchase: $2.50/patch or 12 patches for $25.00.
  • PSI Bands: are wrist bands which provide pressure to a specific acupuncture point (acupressure). The acupuncture point (PC6) has been researched and indicated for nausea. PSI bands are durable and reusable and come with point location directions.
    Cost is 16.15/pair.
  • Also available in the infusion area are MP3 players with headsets. The MP3 players have been programmed with multiple different subjects of guided imagery. Guided Imagery is a powerful addition to your stress-reduction tool kit. Guided imagery is designed to promote feelings of peace, calm, safety and support; reduce anxiety and stress, encourage hope, confidence, balance and optimism. Ask your nurse for assistance.

    Adult coloring books, promote calmness and relaxation by activating both the right and left brain hemispheres simultaneously.