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Our mission is to provide the highest quality health care possible in a safe and comfortable environment. Clinical trials offer patients additional options for various types of cancer outside of standard treatment options. Clinical trials can help support new and innovative methods of cancer treatment options for generations to come. The National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) supports the use of clinical trials and strongly encourages participation in clinical trials for optimized management of cancer care. We continue to expand the number of clinical trials offered at Community Hospital’s Grand Valley Oncology. We are working diligently to ensure patients can receive the best possible cancer care right here at home and we are proud to be the premier cancer center on the Western Slope.

How do I participate in Clinical Trials?

Each clinical trial has patients with a specific type and stage of cancer. Participating in a clinical trial is your decision, however your doctor must first determine if you meet the requirements for the study you are interested in.

In general, you must meet these requirements:

  • The type and extent of your cancer has the same characteristics as the cancer being studied.
  • A doctor has reviewed your general health, and it meets study requirements.
  • We have answered all your questions about clinical trials.
  • You understand the possible benefits and risks of participating.
  • You agree to participate, and you have signed and submitted your informed consent form.

For more information on Community Hospital’s Grand Valley Oncology’s clinical trials, please call (970) 644-4460.

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